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Akshun football player

Club together.
Play together

The excitement of live sports with the ownership of Web3

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The Akshun Club icon

The Club

Founder Season Pass NFTs get lifetime access to events with legends, games and chances to win incredible prizes.

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The Game

A groundbreaking game where you own Footballer’s touches as NFTs and win prizes for their goals and assists.

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Be part of the game

Top 100 Premier League Players

Own Akshun of the top 100 Premier League players, and win big if they score a goal or get an assist. Game data powered by Opta is streamed live into the platform, so you can keep up with all the drama as it unfolds.

Lifetime Pass to Play

Gain lifetime membership to our Akshun fan community and play for prizes. Whether you score big or miss out, you always benefit from exclusive club benefits.

Web3 Powered Prize Pool

50% of every Akshun purchased is locked into the decentralized prize pool. This MUST be won each season – you decide how.

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Your NFT Pass to Trade or Transfer

Own Akshun NFT icon

Own it

It’s yours to use, sell, collect or
flex. The more you own the
more you can win.

Swap Akshun NFT icon

Swap it

If someone has your lucky pick,
offer them a transfer – one
Akshun for another.

Sell Akshun NFT icon

Sell it

Buy or Sell your Akshuns on the
open marketplace to trade up
or get your favourite players.

English Premiership 2023 Passes

Akshun Season Pass for the English Premier League 2023-24
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OG Passes
VIP Passes
Further Passes