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Every Akshun counts

Kicking off with the Premier League, this is your chance to own an AKSHUN from 1 of 100 top players. Big prizes are the name of the game.

English Premiership 2023 Dash

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How to play

Choose from two tiers of Premier League players.

Tier 1 - Top 25

Tier 2 - Top 26-100

Players are assigned a tier using accurate historical data of their goals, assists, and scoring potential. Your AKSHUN is selected at random, and comes with an assigned touch, ranging from 1-100 touches.

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How to Purchase your Pass

Akshun Season Pass for the English Premier League 2023-24

To purchase your AKSHUN, you’ll need:


  • An Ethereum-friendly digital wallet
  • Enough ETH for your desired AKSHUN
  • Enough Gas for the Transaction

Don’t have a wallet? Create one for free

Follow the games

It’s kick off! Your player resumes from their last touch in the previous game. So, if your player ended a game on touch 39, their next would be touch 40. If they score or assist with your AKSHUN, you’ll win big.

Enjoy the game

Watch the games you love and connect with other Akshun community members via our Telegram or Discord channels

Follow the Akshun

Keep a close eye on the players and Akshuns. We’ll publish the assists and goals on our channels and dapp

Claim your prize

Make sure you claim your winnings every season or your prizes will bleed back into the prize pool

There are no limits on winning, here.  You can win multiple times in a single season.

The Prize Pool

Club Funds are for Club Members. 50% of all sales are placed in the Pool. Winning Akshuns are claimable by you, the rest is put to a vote. A box for you and your mates? 1-1 with your favourite player? Chance to play on a Premier League Pitch? You decide.

Assist prize payout
Goal prize payout

There are no limits on winning, here.  You can win multiple times in a single season.

Join early

Be one of the first to join and enjoy exclusive early adopter rewards and benefits. From discounted Top Tier Akshun, more chances to win, and exclusive access to whitelists. Plus, you’ll always hold Founder status within our community.

Akshun Season Pass for the English Premier League 2023-24
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You can own up to 20 AKSHUN Memberships at a time. This is to provide more players a chance to get involved.

Monitor the AKSHUN web application and we’ll send you an alert when you win. This alert will contain a link to claim your prize. If you haven’t already, you should connect your Ethereum wallet through the AKSHUN website.

If your player is injured for the season, you’ll receive a randomly selected outfield player from outside the top 100 to keep you in the game. And remember, as a Founder of our community, you’ll retain access to The Club as long as you continue to hold your AKSHUN.

Yes. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are completely unique and live on a blockchain. They’re original assets that you can own and store in a digital wallet with a unique digital identity. This allows you to trade your AKSHUN on a public blockchain.