Akshun to attend Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party at the Hurlingham Club event

The Akshun-backed Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party event is set to make the headlines on June 23 at the Hurlingham Club, London. The unique occasion aims to connect the blockchain ecosystem and is a B2B event whereby attendees will network with like-minded people.

Hurlingham Club front building

Engaging with top players in the Web3 industry

The Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party event came from a partnership between the House of Block (HoB) and Jillian Godsil of BlockLeaders. The two partnered to link Events and PR to facilitate clients-tailored events and bring outstanding results.

Among the notable attendees and sponsors of the headline Web3 event is Akshun, a unique game connecting real-life player actions with NFTs. Akshun leverages OPTA data to connect players’ real-life actions with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by using a token-gated membership club. The project emphasizes transparency and active involvement in the community of NFT holders.

Digital assets and Web3 are technologies inspiring brands and entrepreneurs to develop new products and services to cater to the new rising market. The Digital Assets & Web3 Garden Party event will allow people to explore new business opportunities and engage with influential people in blockchain. They can partner, develop ecosystems, build relations, and interact with investors and entrepreneurs driving the industry. The event will kick off with afternoon talks that will feature the latest trends in the industry and offer valuable perspectives from industry leaders. The talks will look into global regulations, the metaverse, the metaverse economy, startups in the room, and AI, among others.
Hurlingham Club aerial view

One of the prominent themes in the talks is the creator economy which features sectors such as music, art, fashion, gaming, and sports, where creators leverage web3 technologies. Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends in the web3 sector and how it empowers creators and changes traditional dynamics of the relationship between creators and their consumers.

Another topic will be the younger generations, GenZ and Gen Alpha. The discussion will revolve around their influence on web3 and the need to adapt to their digital natives.

After the discussions, White Light NFT will present a live NFT art auction. White Light NFT connects the high-end art world to web3 on the Ethereum network focusing on a lower carbon footprint. The platform features illustrators from KJA artists with stunning visual creative projects for top blue-chip clients like Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios.

Then, there will be an After Dark Party whereby attendees can relax in London’s top outdoor venue and engage with others. There will also be unique sounds and mixes from the DJ Cash Bar.

Enhancing deeper connections

The event provides a platform for learning, inspiration, collaboration, and propelling attendees to new heights in the digital assets and web3 industry.

Korby Hayre, the founder of HoB, highlighted that they are dedicated to bringing individuals together to make deep connections within blockchain, web3, and crypto communities. In addition, she mentioned that collaboration is key in successful partnerships, such as their partnership with Blockleaders, bringing unparalleled value propositions to their clients through combined creativity.
Meanwhile, the event will begin at 14:30 and end at 23:00 BST. For tickets, please visit eventbrite.